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Looking deeper into the culture of organizations you might work for

My Golden Rule is don’t use this blog to recycle material that anyone can find on their own. But this item is about a company that only came into existence in February, 2012. It’s  They emphasize workplace culture, so … Continue reading

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My current (2012) R&D in computational linguistics – especially for biology text

Now that I’m retired, I spend a lot of time on what is essentially a re-development of the system described in our 1999 paper,  NLP-NG – A New NLP System for Biomedical Text Analysis accessible at I have moved … Continue reading

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Sharpie Twin Tip – Fine – Ultra-Fine

One of those minor comments I don’t want to email about – kinda spammy. This marker/pen is really useful. The little cap for the fine point is a bit hard to take off. . . As they say at … Continue reading

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My grandfather died on the Titanic 100 years ago

This has an interview with my grandmother, Lily May Futrelle, on the Titanic 50th anniversary (Audio link at the end of the article), as well as a video of me. I will expand on this later. (As of February … Continue reading

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Tutoring for standardized tests (SAT, GRE, MCAT) – Easy for me

All of these tests are basically easy for me. So I can tutor them with no problems. This is especially the case when I tutor using one of the review books, as I normally do.  The student and I would … Continue reading

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The Lexington Prep School (Lexington, MA)

A tutoring customer of mine asked me to visit the Lexington Prep School (LPS) in Lexington, Massachusetts. Here are notes on my visit yesterday, 2012-04-17. I spent an hour-and-a-half with the Associate Director, Ms. Kim. The school was essentially empty, … Continue reading

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Exercise to ward off Alzheimers benefit/54390452/1 Even playing cards counts?! My diet is getting better -losing weight. Trying to get to the Boston Sports Club four times a week, versus three in the past.

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