Looking deeper into the culture of organizations you might work for

My Golden Rule is don’t use this blog to recycle material that anyone can find on their own. But this item is about a company that only came into existence in February, 2012.
It’s thefit.com  They emphasize workplace culture, so a prospective employee can learn about “what it”s like” to work at a place, before accepting an offer. Their parent company, bullhorn.com sells recruiting software.

There’s a lot on their site including a blog (not as punchy as it is wordy).

BOSTON, Mass. (March 27, 2012) – Women work longer days and report working more often on vacation than their male counterparts. Yet, women also report greater perceived satisfaction with their compensation, according to new data released today in theFIT’s first Report on Workplace Culture. Fifty- four percent of women report working nine or more hours a day, compared to 41 percent of men. The report includes survey data from over 5,000 U.S. employees. (The report is a short set of slides in PDF.)


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