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Husband and father. Wise and droll wife and three wonderful kids. Scientist all my long life - Physics, Biology, Computer Science, and more. Washington, DC and Leesburg, VA public schools. MIT bachelor's and PhD. Faculty member of U. of Illinois and Northeastern U. for 25 years until recent retirement. Member of Marine Biological Lab, Woods Hole, MA. Like: Classical music plus instrumental folk and old jazz, or just sit and watch the sky, trees, birds, rain, wind, and snow.

The difficulties and importance of interdisciplinary research

I have done good interdisciplinary research. But it has been difficult for others to measure its quality. That’s because fewer people understand the two or three fields that overlap in some of my work. Impact factors are too often used as … Continue reading

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Getting the first one out

A recurring event – getting the first kleenex out of a new full box.  Any reasonable attempt at doing this invariably yields a clump of two or three. Many suggestions have been made over the years, so many that I … Continue reading

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Much of science is folk science

“Folk Science” is usually thought of as the knowledge of science held by laypeople. But any time a person speaks or writes about something they don’t understand in detail, it blends into a folk science level of understanding.  This applies … Continue reading

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NLP software: Versioning, metadata, provenance

Introduction Many software systems for scientific research make it difficult for others to reproduce the results, or do so with their own revisions.  If a person can’t reproduce a published result, they simply have to take the scientist’s word that … Continue reading

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New Mayan art finds – The world will not end on December 12, 2012

Three pictures from a recently discovered buried room in Guatemala. The original paintings were done in the ninth century. The paintings below were created after the discovery to show what the original colors probably looked like. A Google image search for: … Continue reading

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Looking deeper into the culture of organizations you might work for

My Golden Rule is don’t use this blog to recycle material that anyone can find on their own. But this item is about a company that only came into existence in February, 2012. It’s  They emphasize workplace culture, so … Continue reading

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My current (2012) R&D in computational linguistics – especially for biology text

Now that I’m retired, I spend a lot of time on what is essentially a re-development of the system described in our 1999 paper,  NLP-NG – A New NLP System for Biomedical Text Analysis accessible at I have moved … Continue reading

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